"In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy." 

-John Sawhill

Vagabond Group Consulting leverages the expertise of the team’s diverse backgrounds in finance, construction, architecture, and historic preservation with decades of successful real estate development execution. We operate from the perspective of storytellers, allowing history to take center stage and create a genuine sense of place. 

Based in the MiMo/Biscayne Boulevard Historic District, Vagabond Group Consulting is focused on enhancing communities through adaptive reuse of historic resources, place-making, and innovative private and public partnerships. Led by Avra Jain, an in-house team of architects and project managers have developed a successful balance between art and commerce to engage in projects which range from affordable housing to boutique restorations. We strive to keep the history of Miami relevant to present and future generations.


The Vagabond Hotel (1953)

The Vagabond Hotel retains the classic “jet age” structure which embodies the characteristics of the Miami Modern style. At the time of construction, B. Robert Swartburg was one of the most prominent and innovative architects in Miami-Dade County. Through a complete historic rehabilitation, the Vagabond Hotel remains one of the most important MiMo buildings and is largely responsible for bringing vitality back to the historic Biscayne Boulevard.



The Miami River Inn is composed of several buildings within the South River Drive Historic District, all completed before 1915. These “painted ladies” remain Miami's oldest surviving group of Frame Vernacular resources. Initially built as rooming houses to accommodate new residents and tourists flooding into the Miami area during the early part of the twentieth century, the site is currently activated by a co-living concept, hospitality operator, and award-winning food & beverage tenant.



The South Pacific Motel represents a successful adaptive reuse project along the historic Biscayne Boulevard. Designed by notable Miami architect Charles Giller, the building remains a standout for its unique stone-faced pylon sign and expressive MiMo details. Adaptively restored from a motel to a “Wotel,” the property is currently operated by a single commercial tenant.



As a consultant for the City of Fort Lauderdale through the Department of Sustainable Development, Urban Design and Planning Division, Vagabond Group Consulting conducted the 2018 Architectural Resources Survey. Under Phase I, this comprehensive survey completed initial reconnaissance level fieldwork and geospatial analysis for a total of eight study areas and 2,304 individual parcels. Our final 316-page report empowers the City to “enable the community to identify, promote, and encourage the preservation and use of historic resources” as part of their Neighborhood Enhancement objectives. 

  • Building Fieldwork Surveying (Proprietary)

  • Geospatial Analyses (GIS via ArcMap)

  • Printed report and presentation to City of Fort Lauderdale staff


Superior apts (1955)

Located in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Historic Lemon City, Superior Apts remains the last extant MiMo motor courtyard in the community. Utilizing Miami-Dade County Surtax funding, the 19-unit former motel was rehabilitated to provide much needed high-quality affordable housing while retaining its historic architecture and sense of place.


omni cra public-private affordable housing partnership

On February 22, 2018, the Omni CRA Board unanimously approved a public-private partnership between developer Avra Jain of The Vagabond Group, the Omni CRA, and the Mt. Zion Community Development Corporation (CDC) to renovate forty-four units over five garden-style apartment buildings in the Historic Overtown neighborhood. By preserving the architectural character of the early 1950s buildings, the project will provide much needed quality affordable housing to existing residents while contributing to the social resiliency of the neighborhood and the City of Miami as a whole. 

CURRENTLY In production:

  • 555 River House- 2.2 acre Mixed-Use project on the Historic Miami River

  • Gold Dust - Historic Motel Restoration

  • Factory Town - Adaptive Reuse of a vintage 1940s Mattress Factory

  • Knoxon (Royal) Motel – Historic rehabilitation and Adaptive reuse


  • West Grove (City of Miami) Wood-Frame Vernacular Documentation – Rapid Building Survey