What is Historic Preservation?

Historic preservation is an important way to convey an understanding of the past to present and future generations. Cities are complex and the history of their development has many facets. Historic Preservation interweaves these stories of historical, cultural, and social importance. It is a public purpose that advances the education and welfare of citizens, while providing economic and aesthetic benefits. Historic preservation provides a visual identity for a community. Instead of prohibiting change, historic preservation emphasizes the relevancy and reuse of historic resources which are vital to the sustainability of our cities.

What are the benefits of Historic Designation?

Historic Preservation provides a diverse range of benefits, including the strengthening of the local economy, stabilization and revitalization of property values, the fostering of civic beauty and community pride, and the appreciation of our built environment's history. Aside from the long-term benefits of providing educational, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, historical and social impacts, short-term economic benefits compensate property owners of designated historic resources for their contributions to the communal public benefit.

Why should I hire a professional?

Historic preservation, similar to other professions which work in the built environment, must marry public and private interests. Through support by individual citizens, organizations, businesses, communities, elected officials, and public institutions, a project must integrate the input of a myriad of stakeholders to be truly "successful." As a private consultancy, we are active in continued education, technological advances, and the latest practices of this evolving and increasingly professionalized field so we remain at the forefront of our industry.